Monumental Emergency Exit

Art Curator!

You need a Monumental Emergency Exit!

Great you landed here. You and your visitors need a Monumental Emergency Exit for Art Museums! What better can the public do, after running along artistic, social, political, personal, psychological, philosophical, economical and otherwise oriented works of art in your spaces. The regular exits won't do. No! They only lead them out of the building. Let them escape to the Monumental Emergency Exit, where their thoughts can climb over the bars, and float away in space. Look at the pictures left, and you will agree: a Monumental Emergency Exit will be a necessary addition to the existence of any Art Museum.

It's already years ago that I made experimental emergency exits in both my Jerusalem and Groningen apartments, using paper, paint, pencil, brushes, glue, and a lot of water. With that experience I installed a Monumental Emergency Exit in a gallery in Tel Aviv,  a town that needed it badly.

More prototypes I made in a school in Leeuwarden (Friesland) and in my monumental Groningen studio. I developed the idea into a total Emergency Enviroment, with Emergency Entrance and Exit, which a collegue of mine, René de Rooze, filled with knowledge (the Encyclopedia Brittannica). I took his suggestion to allow emergency entrance only dressed in a burqa.

A Monumental Emergency Exit should not be inside a regular exhibition room, close to paintings, installations or whatsoever, but in a kind of deadend place, from where the guards usually call visitors back with the words "Behind there is nothing!" or "Up there is nothing!" Sure, you have such a place. It could even be a toilet, the kind of place where once I installed a so-called Fear Room.

Now you might think about a Monumental Emergency Exit, do not hesitate, because I'll make you an offer here: the first art museum that orders a Monumental Emergency Exit pays only travel expenses, a place to stay and the material, and besides that you'll get the honour, because other curators will be amazed and follow your decision.

You want to talk about the practical, philosophical, pictural and other consequenses of a Monumental Emergency Exit? Make an appointment. Send an e-mail to or call +31-6-30741182.

Henk Puts